Computesta Computesta is established in 2009. Located in Jakarta, Indonesia, Computesta has done numerous projects from personal to corporate levels. We create company profile and online stores Web. But not just limited by those, we also create Web-based system and customized Web such as portal, social media or online dating. We believe everybody has different needs. That's why we always build Web based on our clients' requirements. That means every work from Computesta is unique! Computesta consist of skilled people with great passion for Internet and Web. We always strive to deliver the high quality with clean, fresh and professional Web.


"To assimilate life with web"
We envision the days when our daily lives will be improved by Internet technology, such as Web. We envision Computesta be the foremost team in realizing this target.


  • To be the number 1 digital agency in Indonesia.
  • To build a solid and synergistic team, consist of professional and competent workforce.
  • To be the leading company in utilizing new technology.
  • To establish and maintain good relationship with well known brands.
  • To provide best services to every client.

Why choose us?


Every member of team Computesta loves their jobs. Sometimes, they even spend their free time to make or design Web just for fun!


We provide high quality of services. We are committed to responding as soon as possible. During development phase, we will bring in some suggestions, inputs and solution. And we provide system manual and training for the user when the Web is ready.


We always choose and use suitable technology for the requirements. High technology tools are everywhere, but when they don't meet the user requirements then they are just useless. That's why we always thoroughly define our client's needs and carefully choosing the right tools to fit in the right place.


Team Computesta stays focus on one thing, Web. To be able to stand out in this competitive field, we always focus only on Web technology to keep our skills, knowledge and expertizing up to date.

On Demand

We understand each person has different requirements for his Web. That's why Computesta always build the Web based on clients' needs and not a fixed template system.