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In the virtual world, website is the representation of the company. A good website will leave positive impression to the user. Computesta can help you to increase your prospects. Computesta is a web developer studio located in Jakarta, Indonesia, established in 2009. By focusing on Web development, maintenance and renovation, we are committed to help your business growth.
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Our Services

  • Design and develop Web and mobile app
  • Web renovation and maintenance
  • Social media maintenance
About Computesta

Computesta is a Web development team who is dedicated to bringing clean, fresh and professional Web. We are committed to delivering satisfaction to our clients. Armed with experiences, knowledge and passion in the Web industry, we are committed to bring satisfaction for our clients.

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Standard Operating Procedure Computesta

Do you wish to increase your company awareness with a company profile Web? Expand your business via online store? Or trying to change the world? Everything starts from vision.

We'll estimate and calculate all the requirements. Also, make decision on choosing the tools, define the steps to realize your vision.

It's time to design the Web view. You describe what you want, and we'll create the look and feel. You will get to view how your Web will look like.

Develop the Web's function according to the criteria. We'll use the most suitable technology technology to incorporate the Web's requirements in order to produce a fully functional and efficient Web. This stage is also where your Web will be put to functional test before its actual usage.

This will be the most anticipated moment. Put your Web online, and show it to the world! We will take care the hosting server and domain until the web is up.